Well hello there. again.

Welcome (back) to my third round at this whole blog business. Minus the business. I have created this space for my creative lines that come falling out, the bizarre things I have tacked to my walls (see below), mentions of fantastic blogistas, creators, inventors, and visionaries I can't keep quiet, perhaps the new socks that are creeping up on me, and there of course will be the occasional cupcake blog equipped with a photo. 

I will get down to the nitty and gritty details in the future (design, white space, etc) but for now I am just aching to share a few butterflies that have captured my walls. 

Cut from one of my favorite Italian paper companies large wrapping papers, these little critters have made their mark. Cut, adhered to push pins, and places for a delicate addition to my white wall. 

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  1. Yipee ~ you're back in the world of blog. Check out my blog's assignment and let's hear what You Love.