Dear Miss Kahlo

I recently jaunted over to my favorite art nook Collage and the DIY Lounge (lucky for me but not my wallet it's ten blocks away) I picked up some black paint and a neat piece of wood with the intention of stenciling. I didn't stencil, but instead picked out a favorite medium of mine: tissue paper and before I knew it I had this below.

wood, acrylic, and tissue paper

Frida Kahlo is one of my most aspired artists, woman, and figure of activism. Now I have my own little piece of her.


  1. okay, you totally need to write a tutorial how-to. this is awesome!

  2. Leda ---- you need to talk to your dad. He, too, is doing tissue paper, wood block art. (as we speak). He's doing a piece of your grandmother that is totally awesome. hmmmm, great minds are thinking alike. And as I've said, "It's a family thing" BTW - love what you did!!!!

  3. Love this! I agree, a tutorial is a must... I'll be looking for it.